"Air superiority decimates the cubes below!"

This tower sends a plane to attack cubes, one of the most dynamic looking tower in the game.

Upgrade Path 1

Jet thrusters|$150|More powerful thrusters allows for quicker strafing

High altitude flight|$200|Cruising at higher altitudes increases line of sight, thereby increasing tower range

Bomber|$900|The once agile fighter is replaced with a powerful bomber jet

The mothership|$9500|Homing missiles never miss a shot and deals critical damage to mechas and bricks!

Zoomer in action 3

Upgrade Path 2

Radar detector|$350|Advanced radar equipment allows for camo detection!

Armor piercing rounds|$250|Zoomer projectiles are capable of stripping steels.

Ball Turret|$900|The zoomer is converted to a propeller driven, constant assault machine!

Hellstorm|$10,000|Nothing is left behind…

Zoomer in action 2


  • Get one ball turret for wave 20 camo rush, if you spam hellstorm you can deal high damage against rushes since it does splash damage too.
  • Spam as many motherships as possible.


  • The planes can spawn far away from the tower, farther beyond the edge of the targeting radius.
  • Mothership drops bombs on cubes outside of target range.
  • Bombs hit the road and explode, not cubes, meaning the tower hardly misses.
  • Mothership drops lots of bombs at once, and is therefore better than boom baby.
  • Path 2 deals splash damage and has a faster firerate than path 1