This is a page that can help anyone, whether your are a professional who can smoothly manage your defense or a layer not having a clue on what to do and lose the game within a few waves. Here are some things you can do to increase performance in Mecha Cubes

  • Place your blasters where they can cover the most range possible to help ensure defense.
  • On waves like 23-29 and 33, there will be waves filled with Camo and Steel Cubes to eliminate them quickly, place down many blasters that can pierce steel (like Flamethrower with the 2nd Path 1 upgrade) and many blasters that can detect camo (like Laser Blaster that with the 2nd Path 1 upgrade).
  • Sometimes, especially in large waves, a few cubes escape and you don't have anymore blasters that can destroy them. If you can, you can wait until you have enough money and place a blaster to a part of the path where the cube(s) would go, if necessary, make sure then can detect camo or pierce steel.
  • Near the beginning of the game, place down two blasters, one near the cube entrance and down somewhat close but not too far from the first blaster. Preferably two different blaster like Laser Blast and Flamethrower. This when facing fast cubes that the first blaster cannot destroy but the second can and is better than having one powerful blaster near the beginning of the game.
  • Last resort: If for whatever reason you do not pull through and there is a swarm of cubes very close to the exit, place as many mines as possible to destroy the cubes and not lose lives.