"The most powerful tower in the game. The Super Blast shreds cubes with a 1200RPM Cannon!"

The Super Blast is a purple cannon which can be acquired after Rank 20 or by spending 350 Cash. It is the most expensive tower in the game, with the most expensive upgrades. However, they are essential for destroying Mechas, Violets, and Bricks.

Super Blast can't see Camouflaged Cubes without outside help.  Upgrades include:

Path 1

Upgrade One: $600 - Lasers pierce through multiple cubes! (Super Pointy Lasers)

Upgrade Two: $500 - Lasers now melt steel cubes! (Hot Blasts)

Upgrade Three: $12500 - The Guardian surfaces during the deepest of struggles. With it comes tranquility yet strength... (Guardian's Rebirth) [8 damage per hit, 12 with tough blast].

Upgrade Four: $45000 - When power meets perfection. (Guardian's Enhancement) [20 damage per hit, 30 with tough blast].

Path 2

Upgrade One: $400 - Super Blast receives nearly full range! (Super Range)

Upgrade Two: $650 - Decreases the spread of the Super Blast cannon. (Super Accuracy)

Upgrade Three: $10500 - 3RR0R3D lasers inflict massive damage on cubes of all types, especially bricks! (3RR0R RlPP3R) [ 2 damage per hit, 3 with tough blast]

Upgrade Four: $15500 - Strap two more barrels to the 3RR0R RlPP3R. He's more similar to the Laser Blast than you thought. (3 TlM3S A CHARM)


Save up money until you can at least get guardian when you place this tower down. I recommend near a bolt factory, and in the middle of the map so the range is used up well. Target weight!


  • Tough blast seems to increase all damage by 50%, meaning tough blast is more effect on normal laser blasts.
  • With 30 damage max per hit when maxed, super blast could be seen as equivalent as 10 maxed triple barrel laser blasts (If the laser blasts are perked perfectly, and you account for range and attack speed of super blast), since 5 triple barrel cannon laser blasts with tough blast do 30 damage per attack as well.