"Fires powerful rounds which decimate cubes. However, if a cube gets too close it'll hide itself."

The Scaredy Sniper is a tower that has an extremely long range, but if approached by cubes, will not attack. Its weakness is compensated for its punishing offense, and can be extremely useful if placed strategically.

Path 1

  1. Increased Zoom | $120 | Increases sniper's range
  2. Bolt Action | $320 | A Bolt Action system increases the sniper's attack speed.
  3. Quickscoper | $750 | Quickscopes enable the sniper to shoot much faster."
  4. Panic Zone | $1500 | The Scaredy Zone becomes a panic zone, causing the sniper to lay down automatic fire.

Path 2

  1. Full Metal Jacket | $275 | Improved rounds allow the sniper to penetrate steel and more layers.
  2. Larger Bullets | $350 | Larger rounds allow the sniper to strip 2 extra layer[s] every shot.
  3. Hollow Point Rounds | $950 | Hollow Point rounds cause the sniper to penetrate 5 an extra layers!
  4. Suppressing Fire | $1750 | Surrounding cubes are now stunned by powerful rounds!


  • The Panic Zone is a very useful upgrade, since the Scaredy Sniper no longer hides and instead immediately fires at any cube that passes it.
  • Since the Scaredy Sniper has full range, it is advised not to put any range-increasing perks on the Scaredy Sniper.
  • A common strategy is to place Scaredy Snipers at the very front of the map and gradually upgrade it to 4-2. The Panic Zone will decimate every cube in its path.
  • Another strategy is to place Scaredy Snipers at a place where cubes cannot reach the Scaredy Zone and upgrade them to 2-4, since Path 1 is only useful for close-up cubes.


  • Sometimes, the act of placing a bolt factory, or buying upgrades on a bolt factory, resets the attack speed of the scaredy sniper to the default speed, which harms panic zone snipers heavily. This reset is only for the current round, and the speed will be fixed for the next round.