Pivot Spinner


"A powerful motor spins a blade which shreds cubes that are close enough”

This tower is always attacking/spinning, but you cannot change the rotation. Great for rushes if placed close to a corner of a trash. The only melee fighting tower currently besides Plasma Spikes.

Path One

Longer Pegs|$150|Longer pegs increase the pivot spinner’s reach

Sharpened Pegs|$350|Enhanced pegs have the ability to pierce steel

Spiked Pegs|$1200|Spikes excel at tearing the layers off cubes, bricks especially

Shears|$2500|Shears inflict unrelenting damage on all types of cubes

Path Two

Featherweight pegs|$250|Featherweight pegs cause the motor to spin faster , increasing attack speed

Supercharged motor|$350|The supercharged motor provides increased attack speed

Hypersonic Spinner|$1800|The pegs spin at hypersonic speeds, annihilating any cubes that dare stand in their path

Hypersonic Shock|$7500|The sheer speed of the pegs stuns nearby cubes!


  • Place it in bends and corners in the path of a map
  • In early game , try to get path one for early cheap steel protection


  • The tower attack cannot hit cubes if the cubes are above or below the tower, further limiting an already bad tower.