Orbs are item in Mecha Cubes that can obtained from either Daily Reward, by purchasing in the lobby, or even locating them in the lobby as they spawn every 5 - 20 mins. Orbs can be opened or "unboxed" to give you a random reward including perks. Unlike other games, when unboxing orbs in Mecha Cubes you cannot see the items you could possibly receive making the orbs more unpredictable. Here are the following orbs available in Mecha Cubes:

Basic Orb

"awards mostly common perks with some rare tiers mixed in"
Basic Orb costs $100 and has a good chance of unboxing a common tiered perk with a rather rare chance of unboxing an uncommon item or higher. You are better off saving off for a more expensive orb rather than purchasing a common orb.

Enchanced Orb

Awards mostly uncommon perks with an elevated chance for higher tiers
Enhanced orb costs $250

Superior Orb

Awards rare perks along with lower tiers and higher tiers occasionally
Superior Orb costs $550.

Imperial Orb

Awards Rare and Legendary perks with slight chance of receiving lower tiers
Imperial Orb costs $1000. You cannot escape the chance of unboxing lower tiered orbs making it very disappointing when you received a low tiered item from the Imperial Orb.