"Hovers high above the battleground, granting it increased range but poor accuracy."

The Orbital Blaster is a tower that focuses on one cube and damages it repeatedly. Its Death Laser upgrade it an extremely powerful weapon mid-game, since it deals with Bricks and Fusions very well.

Path 1

  1. FMJ | $250 | High-powered lasers grant increased projectile velocity, thereby increasing accuracy.
  2. Hot Beams | $450 | High temperature beams pierce steel cubes.
  3. Automatic Upgrade | $800 | Automatic fire provides unparalleled power.
  4. Death Laser | $3200 | Death Laser > all (Does 1 - 3 damage per hit)

Path 2

  1. Higher Flight|$125|Increases tower range
  2. Pointy Laser|$225|Further increases laser pierce
  3. GIS | $550 | High-powered tracking technology detects camo cubes.
  4. Satellite Dish | $2000 | Tower swaps its weapons with a high powered satellite that reveals camo cubes to surrounding towers.


  • It is advised to buy at least one Death Laser mid-game.
  • Spam death lasers near a bolt factory late game, targeting weight.
  • Spamming 4-2 Death lasers near a 2-4 Satellite Dish will make it more effective, making it able to target camouflage, and making it effective on camouflage cube spam waves such as wave 35


  • Don't worry when the laser is not in direct contact with a cube, as the tower still damages said cube without need of physical interaction from the laser.
  • Satellite dish reduces range back to the default tower size + research range boost?