"Shoots high-velocity lasers known for their accuracy and pierce."

The Laser Blast Is the first tower available. It is easily one of the most versatile towers in the game. it is the smallest tower, so it can fit into small spaces. With its ability to destroy steel-camo cubes, it can prove invaluable in late-game situations.

Path One

(Note: Prices are only applicable to easy mode with no perks.)

  1. Precision Shot | $120 | Increases targeting and projectile range.
  2. Far-sightedness | $200 | Further increases targeting range and grants camo detection.
  3. Triple Laser | $550 | Adds two more barrels for maximum stripping power.
  4. Automatic Fire | $1250 | Automatic fire maximizes laser output per second!

Path Two

  1. Focused Beam | $150 | Increase projectile pierce
  2. Pointy Laser | $200 | Further increases laser pierce
  3. Splash Laser | $850 | Lasers now damage surrounding cubes!
  4. Double Damage | $2200 | Lasers strip steel and an extra layer!


  • Many players opt to upgrade to Triple Barrel when they get the chance, because of its ability to triple your damage output with the Laser Blast for the cheap cost. However, it may prove more useful to upgrade into Splash Laser instead for its invaluable ability to strip Camo Steel Cubes later on. It can also handle cube rushes much better than Triple Barrel can.
  • This is a great tower to start your defense with in the early game. Paired with cost reduction perks like Barterer - 1 and Cheapskate, as well as Tough Blast, the Laser Blast can easily take you into mid-game and handle most rounds on it's own, offering the cheapest early game protection.
  • It is advised to branch out into other more expensive towers as the rounds get later. The Laser Blast benefits most in the early game and struggles immensely with Mechas.


  • If the range is too far, the tower will aim more into the ground than the cubes, and end up missing cubes that are on the edge of the target radius.