”Blasts a rush of cool ice that immobilizes impending cubes!”

The Ice Blast is a unique tower, made of ice, which can be obtained after Rank 13,

or by paying 350 Cash. This tower is very powerful because it freezes cubes.

Path One

Anti-Freeze|$150|Ice lasts longer on cubes.

Deep Freeze|$200|Ice penetrates layers, causing stripped cubes to continue frozen.

Ice Splash|$2000|Launches ice balls which shatter and freeze surrounding cubes.

Ice Clouds|$3000|Ice balls form clouds of frosty air which reaches weak mechas. (Indigos)

Path Two

Longer Barrel|$100|Increases the range of the ice blast.

Frostbite|$250|Ice is capable of stripping frozen cubes.

Freeze Ray|$1000|The former blast of icy air is converted into a freeze ray of devastating power.

Ice Shards|$2000|Frostbitten cubes release shards of ice that wreak havoc on surrounding cubes.


  • For early game, just make a second path ice blast that targets first.
  • For mid game, do top path for indigos
  • For late game.


  • Top path freezes indigos, maybe slows violeta?, and no effect on crimson or platinum.