"Blasts powerful flames at mobs, which strip layers off like a hot knife through butter."

The Flamethrower is a tower that costs a lot to be effective, but is worth it. It is able to pierce steel, set cubes on fire, and, when upgraded to 4-2, has one of the quickest fire rates in the game.

Path One

  1. Durable Flames | $150 | Each flame can pierce two cubes
  2. High-Intensity Flames | $320 | Flames are now capable of piercing steel cubes!
  3. Flame Trail | $2500 | The flamethrower releases a constant barrage of flames!
  4. Furious Flames | $4900 | The flamethrower Releases an unyielding trail of might!

Path Two

  1. Extra Fuel | $220 | Increase flamethrower range and duration
  2. Extra Pressure | $230 | Increases flamethrower fire rate!
  3. Contagious Flames | $600 | Flames now catch cubes on fire!
  4. Napalm Launcher | $2600 | Projectiles combust on impact and light surrounding cubes on fire!


  • Path 1 is a rapid-fire focused path. It deals with cube rushes extremely well, though it is rather expensive. It is recommended to equip the Inferno Trail for the Flamethrower, since it increases the Flamethrower's range and damage greatly.
  • Path 2 focuses on DOT damage. It is the cheaper and less effective path. The Toxic Spewer greatly increases the damage dealt over time.


  • The contagious flames path effect does not tick when the cube is attacked by another tower, meaning Contagious flames is a bad upgrade path, and Toxic Spewer is most likely the worst legendary.