Cubes are the enemies in MechaCubes. They will travel across a specific path on a map. As a player, your job is to place down towers strategically and upgrade them to prevent the cubes from reaching the end until you have finished a certain amount of waves.

The table below shows the different cubes in MechaCubes ordered by the number of layers they have.

Cube Speed Size No. of layers Image
Red Slow Normal 1
Crimson Mob
Orange Normal Normal 2
Orange Mob
Yellow Normal/Fast Normal 3
Yellow Mob
Green Cube Normal/Fast Normal 4
Green Mob
Blue Fast Normal 5
Blue Mob
White Fast Small 6
White Mob
Black Fast Small 7
Black Mob
Steel Slow Normal 7
Brick Slow Normal 14
Brick Mob
Fusion Fast Normal 2x Black
Fusion Mob


The cubes below are much bigger than the other cubes that can take a lot more damage and release several cubes upon destruction. It's recommended to place power blasters like Laser Blaster and Super Blast near the beginning of the path to destroy the cubes early. These cubes appear after wave 30 giving plenty of time to prepare your defenses.

Cube Name # of layers Image
Indigo 300 Appears after Wave 30 and afterwards. Releases 4 Fusions upon destruction.
Indigo Mob
Violet 750 Appears on Wave 50 and afterwards. Releases 4 Indigos upon destruction.
Mob Violet
Crimson 3000 Appears in Wave 65 and afterwards. Releases 4 Violets upon destruction.
Crimson Mob
Platinum Appears in Wave 65 on Impossible and afterwards. Releases 4 Crimsons upon destruction. It has Steel, Camo, and Regrow properties, and is the only cube to do so.

Special Cubes

There are 3 different types of cubes; Steel, Camo, and Regrow.

  • Steel Cubes can only be destroyed by specific towers and upgrades and release 2 Black Cubes upon destruction.
  • Camos can also only be destroyed by specific towers and upgrades. Instead of being its own cube, it is a type of cube.
  • Regrows will regenerate their layers if they are not attacked for a while. They are also a type of cube.
  • Platinum Mechas have all these properties. With its immense health and special properties, it is the hardest cube to destroy in MechaCubes.