"Launches slow moving bombs which decimate packs of cubes."

The Catapult is a fairly expensive tower, but when upgraded fully, can be a very effective tool. It focuses on AOE damage, and when upgraded to 2-2, is a deadly weapon against cube rushes.

Path 1

  1. Extended Arm | $200 | An extended arm grants the catapult extended range.
  2. Heavier Arm | $250 | A heavier arm permits more throwing force, further enhancing range.
  3. Boom Cubes | $500 | The catapult fires explosive cubes back into the battlefield.
  4. More Boom Cubes | $1400 | The catapult's Boom Cubes receive Mecha armor which inflicts massive damage on Mechas.

Path 2

  1. Reinforced Spring | $225 | Increases fire rate by reducing the arm's drawback time.
  2. Stretchy Rope | $300 | Speeds up the catapult's launch velocity, granting increased fire rate.
  3. Plasma Ball | $550 | The catapult swaps the bomb payload for a Plasma Ball, which has extreme pierce and range.
  4. Plasma Void | $1300 | The Plasma Ball gains massive pierce and double strip.


  • The Catapult is a popular choice after the first few waves of the game. It can be paired with Ice Blast for a great pre-game combo.
  • The Catapult's first four upgrades can make the Catapult itself a dangerous weapon against cube rushes and are relatively cheap.
  • The Catapult is a valuable tool against cube rushes and Mechas. Its only weakness are Camos, so use Bolt Factory 4-2 or Orbital Blaster 0-4.


  • If the range is too far, and the catapult is not maxxed, the projectiles may disappear before reaching the edge of the target radius.
  • Misses fast targets a decent amount when going with Path 1.
  • The plasma cannon rare perk for path 2 cannot aim up or down.