"Provides useful upgrades for surrounding towers."

The Bolt Factory is a tower that does not attack; instead it gives extra stats to towers within its proximity, e.g. extra range, cheaper upgrades, etc.

Path 1

  1. Scout | $450 | Increases the range of surrounding towers!
  2. Overdrive | $800 | Increases the attack speed of surrounding towers!
  3. Corrosive Decay | $1250 | Surrounding towers are now capable of puncturing steel! 
  4. Enhanced Vision | $2000 | Surrounding towers are capable of detecting and attacking camo cubes! 

Total Cost: $4500

Path 2

  1. Larger Area | $250 | Increases the factory’s area of effect. 
  2. Cheaper Bolts | $650 | 10% discount on all upgrades within the radius

of the factory.

  1. Bolt Producer | $1200 | The factory starts an assembly line of bolts which produce 3 coins a second. 
  2. Bolt Investor | $5000 | Using capitalism, the factory generates 5% of the value of surrounding towers every 2 minutes! Can process a max coin value of 50000! (Meaning it can produce a max of 2500 coins).

Total Cost: $7100


  • The Bolt Factory, though expensive, is a great tower to have in your arsenal. Its Enhanced Vision upgrade can prove valuable pre-game.
  • Spam laser blasts near a 3-2 bolt factory so the laser blasts can destroy steel.
  • When you go for money farm, go all the way with bolt investor, near expensive towers. 2500 coins in 2 minutes is 20 coins a second, which is around 6 times as effective as just bolt producer.


  • Apparently when you place the factory, or upgrade it, it might reduce the attack speed of all panic zone snipers in the map.
  • Upgrades do not affect other bolt factories.